How The “Local Records Office” Is Taking Action Against Real Estate Deed Fraud

Local Records Office Fights Against Deed Scams and Property Fraud 

LOS ANGELES, CA — Real estate deed fraud costs Americans more than $500 million every year. According to the Local Records Office in Los Angeles, California Americans all over the United States are victims of some sort of real estate fraud. Due to the rise of online scams have become a lot easier. In 2009, the FBI identified “house stealing” as the “latest scam on the block.”

The main cities getting hit by house stealing also known as real estate deed fraud are Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Miami, Seattle, and Boston. According to the FBI, it’s a growing problem for homeowners that keep on growing drastically every year.

Online companies claim to “protect your home from criminals” but unfortunately, that’s bogus too.

Most real estate scams are simple; crooks will target vacant homes, vacation homes, foreclosed homes, second homes, and even vacant condos to carry out their scheme. The con artist will find information online or from local real estate agencies.

Local Records Office Warns Homeowners About Identity Theft

With that information the con artist will pretend to be the homeowner by obtaining a fake drivers license or identification card, they will file paperwork with the local county’s register of deeds to transfer ownership of the land or house to themselves or someone else who is most likely aware of the arrangement.

Local Records Office says, “Crooks all over the place and they will attack when you least expect it, so don’t wait until you’re a victim”

Real Estate Deed Fraud Happens Faster Than You Might Think

By the time the original property owner is aware of what is happening the property has been sold two to three times. At this time the sheriff or police might be knocking at their doors telling them to leave the premises.

Other times crooks will sell the property and keep the equity all long the house is falling behind on payments and in the risk of falling into foreclosure. When homes fall into foreclosure they are extremely hard to recover.

Local Records Office says, “Being a real estate victim is a major setback since it affects homeowners assets, credit score, and even future”.

Online Companies Over Bogus 24/7 Title Prevention Plans

There are online services that over “title fraud prevention services” for around $9.99 to $14.99 a month, that’s an average of $119 to $179 a year. The bad part of services like these is that they’re completely bogus. There is no way companies like these can prevent deed fraud.

The best way to protect yourself and homes is to periodically monitor your property record online. Online companies like the Local Records Office offer services that do an in-depth report along with a copy of the deed. These in-depth services might not prevent real estate deed fraud but it will help you obtain up-to-date structure tools that will help homeowners know more on the property. Property owners use this information to go over with an attorney to be guided on the dos and don’ts.

Something Might Be Wrong When

Property owners might have an idea when they receive a gas or electricity bill each month so something might be wrong when the monthly bills stop coming in. This means that the name(s) on the account of the utility bills has been changed.

As soon as you notice a change you need to contact the sheriff’s department immediately.

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